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Wired ceiling mounting combustion Gas Detector Detecting Natural Gas/LPG

Wired ceiling mounting combustion Gas Detector Detecting Natural Gas/LPG

Wired ceiling mounting combustion Gas Detector Detecting Natural Gas/LPG

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: JSUS
Certification: CE&ROHS
Model Number: JS-GD51

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 300pcs
Delivery Time: 5-7days
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Paypal
Supply Ability: 100,000sets/month
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Detailed Product Description
Usage: Door



This product is an indoor combustion gas detector with high stability ,  hereinafter called detector, used for combustion gas leak detection.  It uses highly stable semiconductor gas sensor with features of  stable performance and low drift of sensitivity. When it senses  combustion gas leak that reaches the set alarm level, it will give out alarm sound with red LED flashing. The detector is applied in indoor places where combustion gas leaks possibly happen.

 ● Detects Natural Gas/LPG
 ● Celling Mounted
 ● Highly Stable Semiconductor Gas Sensor
● Adopts MCU Processing
● Manual Test/Auto Reset Functions
 ● Auto Check Malfunction
●  High Capacity Relay (3A/250V)
●  SMT Manufacture Technology, High Stability
● Comply to GB15322.2-2003



Model NO.







Operating voltage

AC110V or 220V



Gas species

Natural gas or LPG





Drivable  accessaries


Solenid valve





Alarm level

6%LEL(±3%LEL) of Natural gas


Alarm output

Sound & LED flash alarm


Sound level




Ceiling mounted


Working environment

-10℃~+50℃,(≤95%RH No congelation)





1. First identify your gas heavier or lighter than air. Heavier gases: LPG etc. Lighter gases: natural gas, marsh gas, artificial coal gas etc.
2.  Choose a suitable installing position  according  to gas specific gravity.  Detecting heavier gases,  installation height 0.3-1.0m from floor , semi-diameter to gas source <1.5m; Detecting lighter gases, installation height 0.3-1.0m from ceiling, semi-diameter to gas source < 1.5m (refer to the following image).

Wired ceiling mounting combustion Gas Detector Detecting Natural Gas/LPG

3.   Fix  the attached base  into  a  wall  firmly  with   screws  and hang the detector.
4.    Do not make it close to gas stoves when installing at home in case it is roasted by flame. Neither places with heavy oil or smoke that may cause false alarms or block the gas convection holes and influence the detector sensitivity. Also it is can not be installed near to exhaust fans, windows, doors, and places with great vapor in bathrooms.

5.   Connect the wires correctly according to the wire harness instructions. All wiring and installation must accord with the National and Local  laws and criteria. Improper connection will cause the detector not alarm while gas leaking.

Wired ceiling mounting combustion Gas Detector Detecting Natural Gas/LPG


     Confirm the detector working voltage and output type by the label in the detector reverse.
       DC type detector: 9-24V DC.
       AC type detector: 220V AC.
       A 5-PIN wire harness is attached in the gift box.
      The detector can not  have  Relay  output  and  Pulse output  for Solenoid valve simultaneously. Check the reverse label   for the detector output type and pay attention to connect the  wires correctly as per  the connection instruction.

2.1 Connecting the power, the power LED constant green on. fter the buzzer gives out a Di sound, the circuit enters  into warm-up state.  The red LED and yellow LED flash  alternately during warm-up and stop in about 3 minutes,  which indicates that the detector enters into normal  working state. Test is forbidden during warm-up time.
2.2 When any combustion  gas leak happens and reaches the alarm level, the alarm LED flashes red and meanwhile the buzzer gives out “Di...Di” sound. If the detector has output function, the relay output will be activated or pulse signal  will be sent out to shut off the connected solenoid valves .
2.3 If  an inside sensor failure occurs, the yellow LED constant on and the buzzer long beeps. Switch off the power and contact your dealer for maintenance. Do not take the detector apart  privately to prevent electrical shocks.

3.1 The detector has a self-test button for checking if the LED and the buzzer can work normally. When pressing the test
    button, the red & yellow LED flashes alternately and the buzzer gives out alarm  sound and the output is activated if with the function.
3.2 It is forbidden to test with a lighter directly toward the gas convection holes. This will cause damage to the inside sensor.  Instead,  gather  the  gas  from  the  lighter into an empty plastic mineral water bottle and release the gathered gas toward the gas convection holes for testing.      


Wired ceiling mounting combustion Gas Detector Detecting Natural Gas/LPG


When the concentration of natural gas or LPG in ambient air reaches or exceeds the alarm level, the detector will enter into constant alarm state. Below treatments are advised:
 1.   Shut off pipe valves.
 2.   Do not plug or unplug electrical appliances.
 3.   Open windows to circulate air.
 4.  Inspect the gas leak reason and notify related departments  in time to deal with the leak by professionals.  If it turns out  a false alarm, check if the installation position is improper.


1.   The detector is for combustion gases detection. It can not be used to test CO etc. poisonous gases.
2.   Correct  power  supply  must  be  provided  and  the  wires  must be connected  right.  It can not work without normal  power supply.
3.    Mild heat-up in housing surface is normal at working time.
4.    Do  maintenance  as per this manual Periodically.
5.    Vacuum the dirt in the detector surface every month.
6.   Do  not use  cleansers  or  solvents  to  clean  the  detector. Chemicals  may  cause permanent damage or transient pollution to the sensor.
7.  Do not  spray air-freshers, hair  gels,  paints  or  other  aerosols near the  detector.
8.  To assure the detector sensitivity,  the detector should be  inspected by a  profession  every  year.  If it fails to work,  repair or replace the detector asap. 
9.   The service life of the detector semiconductor gas sensor is  5 years. Replace the detector immediately when the service life expires.
10. The  detector  can  reduce  accidents  happening,  but  can  not guarantee 100% safety. For your safety, besides proper usage of the detector,  pay  attention to build  up   safety  conscious  and  take preventive measures in daily life.


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